Is Feng Shui a religion?
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I would like to have a consultation but I have read some books on Feng Shui and have found out that my house is all wrong, will I have to move to a new home to have good Feng Shui?
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Will I have to change the decor of my home in order to have good Feng Shui?
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I have to stay within a budget, will it cost a lot of money to follow the Feng Shui recommendations?
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Can I have my apartment feng shui'd? or can I have my cubicle feng shui'd?

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What do I need to do to prepare for a consultation?

The best results require a clear intention for the consultation (i.e., wanting to create more harmony or balance in your life, desiring better communication with others in the home, wanting a new career, wanting to sell your home by a certain date, improve health). The other item that is important, but not necessary prior to the consultation, is a drawing of the property, building, or home and floor plan.

What does a Feng Shui consultation include and how much does it cost?
Each consultation is customized to the needs of the individual. Consultations accommodate all phases of building (architecture plans, new construction, rebuild or remodel), moving in to a new space, or Feng Shui'ing a single room or an entire home no matter how long you have lived there. Here is the basic process: 1. Set up a time by phone or email to meet for the initial consultation. This consultation includes assessing the property or building and providing the bagua layout. Identifying the primary areas affecting the ch'i and providing an action plan to shift this in the direction of your desired outcome. Initial consultations start as low as $75 (phone), but average $200 (in person) and are tailored to the project. 2. The next phase is based on the individual project. The typical project takes 2-3 visits. The average cost per visit is $100. All consultations include telephone follow-up, especially in the first few days and weeks after. 3. Getting the results. This is the most important phase of the project. Not only do you want the results you are looking for, but I want to hear about them too. 

I do not live in San Diego, do you do consultations in other locations?
Yes, I have clients all over the US and a few in Europe. I am open to traveling, but also work efficiently over the phone. The only requirements for phone consultations are photos (or video) of the project, floor plan drawing and time set up over the phone to go over the recommendations.

"Our sessions over the phone have been just as successful as the work we have done in person.  Shauna's professionalism and energy make it an absolute pleasure to work with her. I am very grateful to have her in my life and would recommend her to anyone."

- Sandra E., Manhattan, NY

I have had a consultation before and it was interesting, but I couldn't understand the report I was given. How will I be sure of knowing exactly what to do and how to do it?
Shame on the prior consultant if you were unable to implement their recommendations. It is essential that you fully understand the consultation and that you can implement all the recommendations. If you are unable to complete any of the recommendations, I offer a personal service of purchasing and/or implementing all the changes that are recommended to make it as uncomplicated as possible and easier for my clients who are extremely busy.

I am interested in repainting my home. Do you help with choosing colors and do they have to be according to the bagua map?
Yes, I have assisted clients in choosing paint colors (and recommend VOC- non toxic paint) for one or all rooms in their home or work place. The paint colors are based on your personal preference and how that matches your intentions for the space. The bagua colors represent the elements that are best suited for particular areas of your home and do not have to be the color on the wall. There are so many other ways to bring in the elements that are aesthetically pleasing to you. I provide all Intentional Design services including choosing window treatments, furniture fabrics, flooring, etc.

Do you do consultations for outdoor areas, landscaping and gardens?

Yes! I love working outside too. Living in Balance with Feng Shui(tm) does not leave out any aspect of your surroundings, inside and out. Here is a landscape designed utilizing Feng Shui principles:

Feng Shui design yards

How soon do your clients see results from the Feng Shui redesign?
Clients will see results within the first 3 days after making the changes. If you are not experiencing a shift in your life, then there continues to be a block that needs to be addressed. Follow-up to the consultation is essential (by phone or in person).