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"What nine months of attention does for an embryo, forty early mornings will do for you gradually growing wholeness."

- Rumi

Shuana core

Yogic teachings are based on living in balance; balance within our body, mind and spirit. This has become increasingly difficult in our fast paced, modernized world. With so many demands of our time and energy it is challenging to stay centered. Staying grounded and neutral requires a strong core, a well developed sense of self and the knowledge of how to rebalance ourselves in times of stress.


Yoga is the technology to assist you with this.   Kundalini Yoga is the oldest practiced yoga and considered the "Raj" or the king of yoga styles.  It is the yoga of awareness utilizing postures, pranayamic breathing and meditations to strengthen and support every aspect of your being. Living in Balance with Feng Shui™ offers group and private Kundalini Yoga and Meditation sessions delivered in 4-6 week series or mini immerserion retreats for all levels of experience.

Just some of the Benefits of Kundalini Yoga are:

Yoga as therapy is an effective therapuetic tool for those who are recovering from an injury or illness. Yoga has been clinically proven to improve back pain/injury, assist with arthritis pain and mobility, hormonal disturbances, and repetitive motion injury.  It is also used to treat those with obsessive compulsive disorders, cancer recovery, asthma, children with attention deficiet and depression, to name a few.  

Yoga is the perfect starting off place for those who want an entry point into physical and emotional well-being and health.  Kundalini and hatha style yogas are instructed for all settings; while at work or at home to ensure a consistent practice.


"Shauna is a source of light and clarity.  Her energy grounds me in life and propels me forward to express my gifts in the world. Practicing yoga with her is an essential part of well being and abundance in my life."

- Cindy Silbert,
Author, Coach, Speaker and Trainer