"Following your breathing, dwell mindfully on your steps, and soon you will find your balance."

- Thich Nhat Hahn

Just Some of the Benefits of Living in Balance at Your Work:

Combining years of occupational therapy, yoga  and meditation practice with feng shui intentional design, Living in Balance with Feng Shui™ offers a unique approach to corporate wellness.

Effectively bringing balance to the workplace through:

"I called Shauna because I felt "under water" and often overwhelmed at work.  She clearly identified the issues in my office. I now work feeling energized and much more focused."

- Laurie V.

Work before and after

"Shauna's presentation to your group was extremely valuable.  The exercises are simple to do and I feel great doing them."

- Barbara T.

"Thank you, Shauna, for presenting to our group. We received nothing but enthusiastic and positive comments.  It was educational and fun.  Your passion for the subject is obvious and contagious."

- Sharon L.