@your assistance

Cindy Silbert

Author, Speaker/Trainer and Personal Guide, Cindy is an amazing, creative, inspiring soul, who guides you to your authentic self.  She is masterful at getting to the core and guiding you in clearing unhealthy mental chatter and connecting you to your true path.  You will love working with her.


Tamara Renee

Founder and CEO of @Health, Tamara is the real deal. As a wellness coach, nutritional guru and fabulous cook, she is living proof of how eating consciously, (wonderful, scrumptious foods) equates to a radiant life.


Scott Baker

Personal Trainer, gentle soul. How you can get those 2 qualities together in one package, I wouldn't have believed it, but Scott is it. There is nothing gentle about his training, though, he zeros in on your physical fitness needs and gets you in great shape. It is not your drill sargeant style workout, he is much more motivating in his approach and really practices what he preaches.